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April 1, 2009-Beverly Hills, California, USA-Designer Artist Creative Director PETER SAVILLE held his only question and answer session in his trip to the United States, at the Paley Center For Media, Beverly Hills, California. SAVILLE reached iconic status as a designer of record art at the famous Factory Records, Manchestor, England. SAVILLE has been working as the Creative Director for the City of Manchestor for the past four years.
"USE HEARING PROTECTION"- In celebration of Manchester’s heritage and its place as a contemporary cultural destination, Saville participated in a unique question & answer session led by CHRISTOPHER MOUNT. The intimate forum and reception was an exclusive interactive discussion on Saville’s role in the evolution of Manchester, England. Saville’s iconic album and poster artwork for Factory Records’ artists such as New Order and Joy Division not only changed the way people looked at music packaging but influenced visual culture across the board.
(Credit Image: cr Scott Mitchell/ZUMA Press)